Happy Friday + Randomness


Happy Friday! Keeping it super duper short today since we’re attempting to get out of town this weekend. Above is one of the projects I worked on recently for the Seattle Japanese Garden that I believe is already printed by now. I had a wonderful time painting this, and it will be part of their self walking tour brochure. Fun! I hope to work on more maps in the future. I recently saw this book and this book in a store, and deliberated long and hard about purchasing them, but in the end, I left them on the shelf. I heart maps.

What are you up to,
this fine August end o’ week?
Hope it’s full of joy!

P.S. The winner of the embroidery book giveaway is Janice, congrats!

I am now a minimalist traveler


We made it back in one piece! After a soul-nourishing and relaxing week in Michigan, our flight back to Seattle was mysteriously canceled so we had to scramble to Chicago via rental car to make our connecting flight because all the airlines were booked solid (or so I was told). We cut it super close, but cruised through Illinois toll booths, security checks and grumpy child syndrome with surprising ease. Actually, the grumpy child syndrome was non-existent because K was a champ. She hardly complained and tolerated the almost 5 hours it took from Traverse City to Chicago, and then happily watched her movie on the flight.

What made everything so much easier is that contrary to my natural tendencies, I packed significantly less than I normally do. I’ve mentioned before that I’m the type of person that will boldly toss in a rice cooker and electric kettle to go camping — I don’t believe there is such a thing as overpacking or over-preparation. M and K are light travelers to begin with, so I’ve always been the one to weigh us down.

However, just for kicks, I did my very best to edit down my travel gear this time. I forced myself to limit my baggage to two very small carry-ons for a six-day trip: one for clothes, the other for tools (i.e. laptop, camera, watercolor supplies, etc.). I’m proud to report that I was successful. In fact, this trip taught me that I could have easily cut down on the clothes because I deludedly thought I would be running along the lake on a daily basis and included many pairs of yoga pants and a slew of tank tops that never saw the light of day. I ran once. Okay, I jogged for 10 minutes once and walked for about a mile. Mostly, I slept and read and ate a shocking number of burgers and ham sandwiches. It was heaven.

For future reference, I thought I would record what I actually took on the trip and what I could have done away with. I guess the extra stuff didn’t take up that much room, so it was okay that I had included them and who knows? Had circumstances been different, I might have needed them. All I know is that instead of frantically sewing something for the trip to impress relatives that I see only once a year (which is what I usually do), I selected items from what I already had on hand. Preparations were way, way, way less stressful. Did anyone notice or comment that my wardrobe was very limited? Not that I know of. Would I have cared if anyone did? No.


Anyway, here’s what I wore (link provided for handmades):

I could have managed without the following, but they were good to have on hand:

  • Black Simplicity top
  • Extra tank tops (5 didn’t get worn)
  • Extra yoga pants (1 would have been sufficient)
  • Swimsuit

Normally I swim, but there was a widespread case of the “ick” (a parasite spread through duck feces – I have no idea what the proper name is, but everyone calls it the ick) near the dock and in parts of the lake so I opted not to touch the water at all. Luckily, K wasn’t affected and M only got a tiny bit that went away in a day.

All in all, it was a lovely trip. Next year, I’m going to go even more minimal!

P.S. The winner of the giveaway is Meris, congrats!

Stay Curious


A little behind the scenes of one of the projects I worked on over the weekend. A dear friend of mine commissioned me for an illustration to give to her colleague, and I loved trying out different lettering styles. The colleague’s catchphrase is “stay curious,” which is a brilliant one.

I have two more illustrations, another quick translation assignment (this time I’m learning all about the art of sushi plating and presentation — so, so cool), and a craft tutorial all due pronto so I am trying my best to stay focused.

It’s funny how the moment I had a stretch of free time, a slew of requests came in. They all sounded so up my alley and so enjoyable that I had to say yes.

I may or may not be back this week. Focus. That’s my catchphrase for the interim. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Happy Friday + Randomness


Happy Friday! With thoughts of the upcoming Father’s Day lingering in my brain, I dug up a watercolor painting I did of a seahorse a while back (daddy seahorses give birth to baby seahorses — hundreds of them at a time!).


I also remembered that male penguins keep unhatched eggs nice and toasty while the mama penguins forage for food. I love that, though I can’t help but think the female penguins are getting the short end of the deal here given the harsh climate they have to navigate.

Keepin’ it short this lovely Friday and just wanted to wish you a merry weekend! Hope you celebrate the Dads in your life with panache.

I’ve got new projects
Let’s see if I can do this
Out of my zone, yo*

*I’ve unexpectedly found myself with a number of super fun assignments that are due next week (and they are a little out of my comfort zone), so there’s a chance I won’t be posting as much. You know me, though…habits, habits, habits. Which reminds me, I LOVE reading about all the various good habits from the giveaway post!

Happy Friday + Radomness


Happy Friday! I’m going strong with Me-Made-May, though I do combine handmade items with the few store-bought clothes I still own.

Here’s a round up of week 2-ish:

Day 6: Renfrew Bamboo Top (worn with RTW yoga pants)

Day 7: Black Simplicity 2365 Tunic + Black Gingers

Day 8: Moss Green Linen Jacket (I wore the same outfit but with me-made jeans) + Indigo Gingers

Day 9: Self-drafted knit dress (shown above – this was yet another prototype for the dress included in my book and the photo is from at least a year ago)

Day 10: Indigo Simplicity 0403/2147 top + Indigo Gingers

Day 11: Lace + Geometric Knit Tank + RTW boyfriend jeans

Day 12: Navy and Black Stripey Tee + RTW shorts

I whipped up a little sketch, just because:


In other news, we’re in month four of the carless life, and I think we’ve found a pretty decent groove. Mostly it’s a combo of walking and taking the bus with the occasional Car2Go. Uber, for some reason, didn’t work that great for me because the app was ridiculously slow on my phone, though M uses it sometimes. M and I are talking about the dreaded car hunt in a month or two (not my favorite activity), but for now the weather’s been so amazing in Seattle, I’m thoroughly enjoying walking everywhere.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!

Ahhh, I’m so ready
for Saturday and Sunday
with zero events*

*It’s so lovely to have a few breather weekends without events – I have a few coming up towards the end of the month and in June so I’m going to relax as though I’m a carefree retiree for the next couple of days!

P.S. Thank you for all the wonderful tea recommendations for the giveaway post! I love them!