Happy Friday + Randomness


Happy Friday! Friends, I miss sewing for myself. Yes, my sloth-like progression with the Ginger jeans is still lurking in the background, but as each day greets me with promises of summer, I find myself having fantasies about pretty spring dresses, floaty tops, tunic-style t-shirts…so I thumbed through my Japanese books and monster patterns binder, and that up there is my imaginary sewing plans. Once book #2 is wrapped up (about 2 more months!), I am going to stitch myself a high quality and super versatile wardrobe, and that’s a promise I’m determined to keep. I’ve been wearing the same five clothing items every week for the last few months to conserve mental power, and I’m becoming frayed around the edges literally and figuratively. These patterns/books may help me look less Pig-Pen-ish:

Butterick 5781
McCalls 6359
Vogue 1247
McCalls 6752

Pleated-Bodice Dress
Jersey Top with Cape Sleeves
Tank Dress


I just love all of K’s comments about this particular phase she’s going through:

M: Hey, I saw you talking on the phone with your friend. What were you guys chatting about?*

K: None of your beeswax, Daddy. Tween business.

*This is a new thing: K and one of her friends call each other from time to time using the moms’ phones and have meandering, seemingly endless conversations. A preview into teenhood…


Happy, happy weekend, everyone!

It’s spring break next week
We’re not going anywhere
Can’t wait to sleep in

P.S. The winner of the fabric giveaway is Bonnie! Congrats!

4 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

  1. Lovely inspiration board! Warning, I made the top from vogue 1247 before and it was not comfortable to wear at all (kept riding back, something to do with the shape of the sleeve). I was kind of heartbreaking considering it was silk and I had french seamed everything…

    1. That’s so good to know Delphine! Thanks for the heads up, but what a bummer that your silk, french-seamed top didn’t fit the way you wanted…that happens to me so often, and every time I vow to make a muslin next time, then forget ;-).

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