Preparing for a Sashiko Demo


I’m no expert at Sashiko stitching, so it’s a little laughable that I’ll be teaching the craft this Saturday, but I’m rolling with it. It’s a FREE event, Seattle friends, if you want to drop on by the Kinokuniya Bookstore at 2pm on June 11th. I’ll be joined by my writer/editor/journalist friend Tamiko. Imagine a cooking demo, but with indigo fabric and Sashiko thread and needles instead of food– that’s the concept we’re working with, anyway. We’ll be making coasters and I think it’ll be sweet and casual and fun. I hope. I suppose it could also be weird and awkward and dull, but we’re all optimists here, right?

Copies of Sewing Happiness will be available and I’ll be doing a signing as well. I’m curious to see how it goes!!

As you can tell from my last few posts, I’ve been flitting about like an industrious bird, pecking away at my massive to-do list. But guess what?? After this Saturday, I am going to be so relaxed. I may not even post anything on this here blog for the next month to experience what it feels like to be completely disconnected from the internet and off the grid (we all know that would never happen; I’m too much a creature of habit). Anyhow, my big deadline has been met, I have virtually nothing on my calendar, and I can actually feel my innards decompressing. It’s glorious. Sewing might actually happen!!

Just a little more prep work to do for the Saturday event — be back Friday.

(Image is from the book. Photo by George Barberis)

8 thoughts on “Preparing for a Sashiko Demo

  1. Yes, everyone should take a break after two years of non stop work. I really hope you get to relax and reflect on all your work!

  2. It’s felt non-stop, but a lot of it’s been
    so much fun I feel weird about calling it work…but YES, reflection time is much needed! Thank you, Greta!

  3. Ooh! I wish I could come to that demo! I think the first thing I make from Sewing Happiness is going to be the sashiko soft trivet/placemats/coasters. Can’t wait! Hope you have a fun time on Saturday.

    Ahhh, hope you also get to relax and de-strees and just enjoying being.


    1. That would be so fun if you could make it to the demo — just hop on a plane from Australia ;-)! I do hope to make it to your part of the world in the (I hope) near future, so I’ll have to keep you posted! Thank you, Jenny!

  4. Hi Sanae – I stumbled on your book talk and sashiko demo at the bookstore and ended up buying your book. I love your voice and your honest reflections. I applaud your creativity – the projects you create, your illustrations, your photos, your sewing. I have all the supplies to try Gingers and I am frozen, unable to get moving. I am so impressed! Thanks for your inspiration.

    1. Hello Karen, so nice to see your comment! I totally totally get that frozen feeling with sewing jeans. It took me a year to finally sew them up (and I JUST tore out the knee when I bumped into some weird sharp metal thing :-(). When you feel ready and tackle it, I can promise you that you will feel AMAZING!

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